PARES Net Portocol
Piedmont Amateur Radio Net Protocol

CQ!! CQ!! CQ!!
Is this frequency in use?

This is the Piedmont Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net K4PAR that meets every Sunday at 8:00 PM local time. This net is conducted on the K4EGA repeater on the frequency of 146.6550 with a tone of 186.2. Please be advised that all stations should remain on this frequency until completion of the net. The purpose of this net is to promote the ARES program and to share ideas and information, pass traffic and as a preparedness and training drill for net procedures.

Your net control station is (Your Callsign) and my name is (Your Name), and I am located in __________ County.

(This being the first Sunday of the month, we test our ability to communicate on emergency power. I would ask each of you to use emergency power. If you do not have emergency power you are still welcome to join us.)

Is there any emergency or priority traffic?(Pause)

If an emergency arises during the net, we will stop the net and relinquish the frequency to the emergency in progress.

Are there any announcements for the net?

We will now go into our roll call.

Are there any official emergency stations wishing to check in?

Are there any short time stations wishing to check in?

Are there any mobiles stations wishing to check in?

Are there any ECHOLINK stations wishing to check in?

AF4MM...Mickey Patterson
KE4FFW...William (Sonny) McNeil
K4EGA...Doug Barker
K4PNK...Debbie Rivers
K4NGS...Gary Sanders
K6DPL...Hal Reid
KK4KQH...Anthony Shinn
N4XQS...Emilie Reid
KM4LFT...Larry Gauge
N4TZY...Anthony Strite
KW4SZ...James (Corbin) Tate
KA3ZPM...Brent Strite
KG4WVL...Wayne Bowden
WB4JOE...Joe Rutledge
KE4QVI...David Beasley
K4IO...James (Burt) Cram
KC4AA...Bill Mills
KE4VGV...Gary Luke
KD4YFK...Michael (Mike) Marrocco
KB4MOX...Michael (Mike) Cornett

Is there any stations I missed or anybody anywhere wishing to check in?

Does anyone have any questions, comments or club business we need to take care of before we close the net?

This is (Your Callsign) your net control station closing the Piedmont ARES Net and thinking each one of you for taking time to check in. Your participation and support is what makes the ARES program a benefit to the public during times of disasters and declared emergencies. We want to think Doug Barker, K4EGA for the use of his repeater. This frequency is now being returned to normal amateur radio use.

Thank you and good evening.

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